In front of the parking of the Meridian hotel in Paris. Again a picture in a mirror. I was back from the school of my daughter and I was going to the railway station to buy a newspaper... Sounds like a typical saturday!
Very casual friday this morning, no?
I have just made a big mistake: I have try to remove the blog hop stuff and I just half destroyed my 09h09 index page! I have put a link to the photos pages until monday were I can retrieve a PC with a back up!
Très "casual friday" non? Bon j'ai un peu merdé avec le blog et tout saboté...
Sinon amusant les annuaires inversés parfois: j'ai trouvé ca sur ce blog la
This morning I am late due to the rain plus an accident in the Paris "peripherique". Why the hell I am making explanations! Concentrated on the driving I was in my car (Renault Scenic) this morning on the way to business... It is also funny because this picture is almost the same as the very first one I have made the 18th september!
Ce matin je suis en retard, il pleut et le périf est bloqué par un accident...

J'ai trouvé un super dico anglais québécois sur un site québécois. je suis sûr que ca plaira à Patrick:
Well there you go. - Ben coudon.
I don't believe it. - Ben wéyon donc.
What's new. - Pis.
Check that out. - Gar.
Look at her. - Gar la.
Look at him. - Gar lé.
What? - Kossé.
What? - Hein.
Do you believe me. - Tume crétu.
Do you think I care. - Quesse tuveux ksam fasse.
Only - Yinque.
With that. - Aickssa.
Really wet. - Trempalavet.
Me and You. - Moé pi Toé.
I'm gonna yell at him. - J'ma y parler dans'l'casse.
I'm gonna beat him up. - J'ma yarranger a'face.
I'm gonna beat him up. - Ma y crisser'n'volé.
You're kidding me. - Vatendon.
It stinks. - Sassen l'chorogne.
I was scared. - Jéu à chienne.
Get out of there. - Aute toé dedla/Tasstwésti.
What are you doing. - Kesse tufai.
I 'm spaced out. - Chudanlune.
Right there. - Drette la.
Don't go out of your way. - Bawd tazempa.
Let's say. -Meton.
Can you believe it? -Tatu d'javusa.
Move your ass. - Anweille.
It looks that way. - Sadlairasah.
I tell you. - Chtedi.
I am so confused. - Chtout fourré.
I am so tired. - J'cogne des clous.
Look at that guy. - Chek moilédon.
Get lost. - Décrisse.
A fat whore. - Grosse torche.
A lot of trouble. - Un siau'd'marde.
It's because. - Stacose.
Anyways. - Antéka.
That's enough. - Stacé.
See you later. - mat'Woère talleur.
Relax. - Cammtoué.
Damn. - Viarge.
She's crying. - A braille.
Make me believe. - Fairacraire.
He has bad breath. - Y pudlayeul.
I'm in trouble - Chu danmarde
I am really very very happy to get Sean in my list of guests present in the 09h09 web site. I have work with Sean few years ago, I have appreciate to work with him, as a lot of people does and then Internet arrives and our roads get different directions. As you may notice Sean is an irish name, and I guess that if ever Sean came in this blog, he will just say that my english does not improve since we work together. I must confess it is true, and it is also why I continue to use english as a kind of training! I was surprise to see him this morning, and as we do not see each other more that once or twice every year I just fell like I should make the picture , even if it was not exactly the right time 9:9 AM. But I am the master of my site and I can decide what I want!!!! It is good sometimes to be the one who decides....
I know I know this camera is just a bullshit camera, and the picture are let's say not the optimal quality. But when I start the 09h09 concept I do not want to spend a lot just for a concept... Any how, I am very please to introduce you Catherine and Olivier. I do not know if Olivier has already his picture in the web but he shoud deserve it because he is an "iron man" (I mean he practice triathlon!) and Catherine, well Catherine is not very visible in the picture! So I promise, next time we see us, I will try to make a better picture (what even the time of the day) and I will put it in this blog. We work together and basically I think and they run!!!!! No I am joking it is rather I make mistakes and they try to correct them!!!!!
The picture is with Magda this morning....
Again with my baguette, but this time in the lift in front of the mirror... for the mirror project. You can have a look at the result following this link.
I was in front of a very special store completly hidden in the "rue du Chateau" going for a baguette for breakfast.
This store is selling wooden jigsaw puzzle hand-cut in France, amazing...
The friday picture is with Anne.
Vendredi avec Anne.
JB, please do not take my web sites, pleeeeeeeeeeeease!
This picture is specially dedicated to this blog. To be honest I do not think that my blog is the question in life, anyway I do not know what are the questions in life??!!??
D'abord je ne peux pas être toujours avec des femmes quand je fais la photo et ensuite j'étais avec Olivier ce matin à 9h09 alors c'est tout...
Lo so che e la terza volta che faccio questo tipo di fotografia, ma che ci posso io se come un robot mi faccio la barba spesso alle 9 e 9 la mattina...
Do not ask me what Anne Sophie was doing with us at 9:9 am...
La photo est avec Marie Pierre, hello Marie Pierre, welcome in 9:9AM!!!
This time I have put people (I means girls!) in the picture.... OK there is a "Charlie's angels" look (rather red angels), but I is definitely fun. I just hope that every of them will leave a comment to present themselves... Let's see
C'est ma cravate, mais c'est aussi là que je me dis que mon appareil photo numérique, presque un jetable acheté 50 euros sur mister gooddeal n'est vraiment pas terrible, la cravate est mauve foncée et elle semble bleue....
Nothing special for this picture, except that the camera was very close!
Nessun voglia di svelarmi questa mattina, veramente nessuna.
E poi la giornata e stata bella, con un sole di autuno tipo estate indiano, con un caldo che va bene dopo tutte queste giornate di pioggia...
Un giro al parco e un giro al Bricorama ("fai da te") per comprare un po di legno per sistemare il muro. E quasi finito...
So I was in my bed. I did not want to wake up. At the end I wake up and the day was great.
Je savais que ce serait difficile de me lever ce dimanche là, je le savais, alors j'avais bien préparé mon coup: la carte de UNO était sur la table de nuit, là toute prête à coté de l'appareil photo numérique. Lorsque j'ai entendu le réveil, super rapide sans même presque ouvrir les yeux, je prend la carte dégaine l'appareil et basta, tout est dans la boîte avec un beau NEUF en prime.
This morning at 9:9 AM I was in the railway station in front of gate 8....
In my car this morning, I was just looking for an idea for number "seven", nothing comes....
So when 9:9AM was urging I just go for powerpoint to make a computer "seven"...
Now you got it!
I am not powered by "six"....
Basic "five" today...
I still to see activity on the old url of my blog. Non e possibile, the new url is this one. Now I try a double publication...
Today is number four, we were at the four floor with my friend Olivier going for a coffee.
I want to add something for all the people which comment the fact that number "one" was starting the 2nd of november.
It is just that the concept is to full the photoblog page with 9 pictures with each picture displaying a number from "1" to "9".
I got the idea of this concept when starting this new photoblog page... End of the story.
However I must confess that I still do not have ideas for the other pictures.
I have added my blog to this blog directory the pepys project and one of the interesting thing is the list by country: Basically in Europe blogs are first made in England then Netherland and then France. It is not really a statistical study about blogs but I would have expect countries like Denmark or Sweden to be ahead. France is really not so bad... And I have put my piece....
Sinon on surfant je suis tombé sur bluntkor, pas mal...comme dirait Claudia Cardinal
The number 3 is with Federica.
Number 2 is selfexplainable..
Number One with "Lego" :
I will have to find number photo up to "9"...
Also it seems that archive and comments are now working fine: it was not easy!
But the site has disappear from the Searchengine results...
I made a very "phonic" picture today...
Also as we enter a new month I definitely need to make the archive working: this is my objective for next week.
Also tomorrow I will start a new page with a new concept: "the number concept"! Hope you will like that?
However everything is nice: I have a 3 days weekend!