Today is number four, we were at the four floor with my friend Olivier going for a coffee.
I want to add something for all the people which comment the fact that number "one" was starting the 2nd of november.
It is just that the concept is to full the photoblog page with 9 pictures with each picture displaying a number from "1" to "9".
I got the idea of this concept when starting this new photoblog page... End of the story.
However I must confess that I still do not have ideas for the other pictures.
I have added my blog to this blog directory the pepys project and one of the interesting thing is the list by country: Basically in Europe blogs are first made in England then Netherland and then France. It is not really a statistical study about blogs but I would have expect countries like Denmark or Sweden to be ahead. France is really not so bad... And I have put my piece....
Sinon on surfant je suis tombé sur bluntkor, pas mal...comme dirait Claudia Cardinal

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