This morning I am late due to the rain plus an accident in the Paris "peripherique". Why the hell I am making explanations! Concentrated on the driving I was in my car (Renault Scenic) this morning on the way to business... It is also funny because this picture is almost the same as the very first one I have made the 18th september!
Ce matin je suis en retard, il pleut et le périf est bloqué par un accident...

J'ai trouvé un super dico anglais québécois sur un site québécois. je suis sûr que ca plaira à Patrick:
Well there you go. - Ben coudon.
I don't believe it. - Ben wéyon donc.
What's new. - Pis.
Check that out. - Gar.
Look at her. - Gar la.
Look at him. - Gar lé.
What? - Kossé.
What? - Hein.
Do you believe me. - Tume crétu.
Do you think I care. - Quesse tuveux ksam fasse.
Only - Yinque.
With that. - Aickssa.
Really wet. - Trempalavet.
Me and You. - Moé pi Toé.
I'm gonna yell at him. - J'ma y parler dans'l'casse.
I'm gonna beat him up. - J'ma yarranger a'face.
I'm gonna beat him up. - Ma y crisser'n'volé.
You're kidding me. - Vatendon.
It stinks. - Sassen l'chorogne.
I was scared. - Jéu à chienne.
Get out of there. - Aute toé dedla/Tasstwésti.
What are you doing. - Kesse tufai.
I 'm spaced out. - Chudanlune.
Right there. - Drette la.
Don't go out of your way. - Bawd tazempa.
Let's say. -Meton.
Can you believe it? -Tatu d'javusa.
Move your ass. - Anweille.
It looks that way. - Sadlairasah.
I tell you. - Chtedi.
I am so confused. - Chtout fourré.
I am so tired. - J'cogne des clous.
Look at that guy. - Chek moilédon.
Get lost. - Décrisse.
A fat whore. - Grosse torche.
A lot of trouble. - Un siau'd'marde.
It's because. - Stacose.
Anyways. - Antéka.
That's enough. - Stacé.
See you later. - mat'Woère talleur.
Relax. - Cammtoué.
Damn. - Viarge.
She's crying. - A braille.
Make me believe. - Fairacraire.
He has bad breath. - Y pudlayeul.
I'm in trouble - Chu danmarde

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