lundi 10 octobre 2011

In the plane for Hong Kong... Btw picture also shows the Cathay Pacific seats that are i must admin the worse i ever use to travel (and i am no the only one to thing so...)
Dans l avion pour Hong Kong... Au fait la photo inclut egalement un bon nombre de siège de l Airbus de la Cathay qui sont je dois dire les pires que je n ai jamais utilisé (et je ne suis pas le seul a le penser!)

3 commentaires:

Kim a dit…

It is 10/10. It occurs to me that next year will be your 10th year publishing 09h09. Very cool!

I will be in Paris later this month, but it looks like you might be traveling. It would be fun to recognize you on the street from viewing your blog these last 6 years since I became acquainted with it. Cheers!
Kim in Seattle

jm a dit…

Hi Kim, I will soon stop traveling that much, i will kill my body otherwise ;-) Tell me when and where you will be in Paris and let s make a 09h09 picture together!

michel a dit…

Les voyages c'est bien mais tu as l'air de plus en plus fatigué!